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C-THREE is a medical marijuana manufacturer and dispensary with the best medical model in the State of Connecticut, a model designed specifically for patient needs in strict compliance with the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program as codified in the Connecticut General Statutes. C-THREE’s team is committed to the safety and efficacy of its product, and has assembled the top team in Connecticut to create a model that is secure, transparent and accountable in delivering for its patients. C-THREE’S success in fulfilling our vision is measured by dispensary and patient satisfaction, team member excellence and happiness, improvement in the state of the environment, return on capital investment, and community support.

Our Team

Tom Macre

C-THREE's corporate leadership emanates from Executive Director Tom Macre. His work and dedication to medical cannabis is a natural extension of 20 years of work in pain management, and a testament to his executive leadership. His two-decade history within the health care community is rooted in neuromodulation and electrotherapy through Medtronic Neurological. In 2010, Tom started his own medical device company MedTech Healthcare Solutions. Through Mr. Macre's relationships in the medical community, he has come to understand the immense benefits of medical cannabis and its low toxicity profile. He envisions a medical model of distribution in Connecticut focused on non-intoxicating cannabis products that alleviate suffering. His practical knowledge in the field of non-invasive pain management and rehabilitation services provides him with significant insight into a patient's experience with debilitating, chronic, and acute health conditions. This insight and experience is at the core of C-THREE's structure, philosophy, and operations.

Matt D. Cook

Safety, security, and strict compliance are critical to successful production. To that end, C-THREE has partnered with Matt D. Cook, author of the Colorado Marijuana Regulatory Scheme and former Senior Director of Enforcement, Colorado Department of Revenue. Mr. Cook has essentially defined medical marijuana regulation and compliance for Colorado and for other parts of the nation, and has been instrumental in the planning and development of the C-THREE organization and its security and compliance measures. He developed the "Agrisoft Seed to Sale" inventory management tracking tool which C-Three will be utilizing to ensure 100% accountability and transparency. Mr. Cook will be developing the security plans and protocol for C-Three to insure that they exceed the state's requirements.

Dr. Jeff C. Raber and Sytze Elzinga

C-THREE has a uniquely experienced product development team that is poised to ensure that all medicine is pure, and that all products are dosed accurately, profiled and labeled clearly, and manufactured to exacting standards. This team includes leading cannabinoid and terpene scientists, Dr. Jeff C. Raber, Ph.D and noted cannabis research scientist Sytze Elzinga, formerly in charge of quality control for all pharmaceutical marijuana entering the Dutch market under contract with the Dutch government. Dr. Raber and Mr. Elzinga have developed and consulted for successful, precisely dosed marijuana products on a commercial scale in the United States and abroad, including cannabis oral products, mechanical products, baked goods, capsules, smoothies, drinks, topical ointments, tinctures, chocolate bars, and even ice cream. Additionally, Dr. Raber and Mr. Elzinga have set the standard in the cannabinoid and cannabis terpene testing market, and are best positioned to meet changing patient demands; they carry extensive experience working with and purifying cannabinoids and, critically, analyzing and working with 37 cannabis terpenes - responsive patient care requires a detailed understanding and analysis of terpenes, which modulate and modify cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Andras Kirschner

C-THREE enters the market with the fully developed and reliable organic cultivation practices of Andras Kirschner, Managing Member of Phyto Management, which implemented these practices and is one of six companies that has secured approval to cultivate medical cannabis in Washington D.C. from the Department of Health in the District - a highly competitive and tightly regulated market. Mr. Kirschner and his staff carry more than a decade of specialized, organic cultivation experience on a commercial scale. Additionally, he has advanced degrees in Plant Science and Sustainable Agriculture. Phyto ensures consistent, pure yields, and mitigates the risk that other licensed Cultivation Centers will underperform, leaving the remaining businesses to compensate for any resulting shortfall in supply, or an underserved patient population.


C-Three’s Matt Cook on 60 Minutes

Here is C-Three’s Matt Cook, nationally renowned for creating the best security measures available in the medical marijuana industry, in a recent interview on “60 Minutes.

ABC News 8 report of C-Three’s introductory press conference

ABC News 8 report of C-Three’s introductory press conference on November 15, 2013

NBC News 30 report of C-Three’s introductory press conference

NBC News 30 report of C-Three’s introductory press conference on November 15, 2013

NBC News 30 report of C-Three’s introductory press conference

FOX CT News report of C-Three’s introductory press conference on November 15, 2013


"The proven security model that C-Three has in place makes this project a winner for the city as well as for patients throughout the area. As a former police chief, it's critical to me to see every step of the process closely monitored - the level of transparency and accountability Tom Macre and his team bring to this project gives me the assurance that this is right for Waterbury."

Waterbury Mayor
Neil M. O'Leary

"C-Three is taking an existing facility and investing millions of dollars in it to get it up and running in just a six-month time frame. They expect to create 20 new jobs just at the outset alone, not to mention dozens of construction jobs to get the facility renovated. This will be a very significant addition to Waterbury's economy."

Waterbury Economic Development Director
Joseph McGrath